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Consultations for patients before treatment as well as follow-up visits after therapies are made in the International Oncotherapy Centre in Otwock, at Borowa 14/18.

The radiotherapist-oncologist makes the decision on the type of irradiation and the type and dose of radiation. It depends on the type, localization and advancement of the tumour. Radiotherapy may be an unassisted treatment method or it may accompany other treatment methods, such as chemotherapy or surgery. A frequent way of combined oncological treatment is a surgical removal of a tumour which is followed by radiotherapy. Post-surgical irradiation destroys residual microscopic foci of the illness in the area devoid of the tumour and the surrounding lymph nodes.

Treatment planning

The procedures of the ionizing energy radiation take place within the therapeutic unit designed particularly for this purpose, the co-called linear accelerator or the brachytherapy unit which are located in the bunker.