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Affidea Polska

Affidea is one of the greatest investors and service providers within the Public-Private Partnership.

197 medical centres located in 15 countries that belong to the company provide the best possible imaging and laboratory diagnostics as well as services within oncological radiotherapy. Owing to our continuous development, the company widens its activity to the areas which nobody has ventured to access so far. By employing professional specialists in diagnostics, Affidea becomes a leading power providing remote diagnostics by offering multi-module services within teleradiology.

In Poland, the company called Affidea manages 31 medical centres. Our Centres are established and work in a close co-operation with public healthcare units.

Diagnostic tests as well as other medical services provided by the Centres are financed from the resources of the National Health Fund (NFZ). This solution, which follows the effective standards of Western Europe, enables all patients to get access to top quality medical services. Also hospitals and specialist outpatient clinics benefit from this solution by saving on investments in expensive medical facilities.

We combine private investments with public healthcare.

Seeing the considerable deficit in the number of modern centres of oncological treatment in various European countries, our company made a strategic decision to start providing these specialist medical services in Poland. While choosing a proper location for radiotherapy centres, the company is mainly guided by the needs of patients in a given region of the country.

Affidea Onkoterapia, the company belonging to the Affidea International Polska Group, has already opened 4 International Oncotherapy Centres in Poland: in Wałbrzych (in 2008), Poznań (in 2009) and Koszalin (in 2011). The fourth centre is located in Otwock and it was built within 10 months for PLN 60 million and opened in January 2013.


Treatment planning

The procedures of the ionizing energy radiation take place within the therapeutic unit designed particularly for this purpose, the co-called linear accelerator or the brachytherapy unit which are located in the bunker.